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Achieve Sales Success: Proven Strategies and Insider Tips

Written by YeeLing Lee | Efficiency Specialist & Founder of BNP

Think you have mastered all there is to know about sales techniques? Think again. 

With an array of prestigious sales and marketing awards under his belt, S. Robert August of North Star Synergies generously shares his diligent approach with prospects and clients. Let’s explore his approach to sales.



Key Takeaways

Be Personable & Give Your All: Everyone in important.

Follow-Up: Proactively make yourself memorable.

Feel, Felt & Found: Practice this technique & sales pitch regularly.



First Impressions

Remember, you only have one chance to make a great impression, so always dress for success. Your attire should align with the market’s expectations, and you should aim to look the part. Even if the dress code is casual, aim for a well-groomed, clean, and put-together look from head to toe. Presentation matters.

Take Mr. August, for example; he consistently wears his signature bow tie to every meeting. In addition to showing his professionalism, this distinctive choice sets him apart from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression.

Additionally, be mindful of your body language during handshakes; it reveals much about the person you are meeting, and be aware that your customers are equally observant.

Buyers, Not Prospects

Mindset: Think of them as “Buyers”, not “Prospects”/ “Leads” – Right from the start, approach every interaction as if the person you are talking to is already a buyer of your service or product.

Be Personable, Responsive, and Stand Out from the Crowd

Especially with leads and new clients, follow up promptly after meetings or calls. Mr. August even sends snail mail to stand out in this electronic age. Consistently keep yourself on the radar of buyers.

By going the extra mile in your follow-up efforts, you can effectively outperform your competition. Remember, it’s all about showcasing what you can do for the buyer and leaving a memorable impression.


Actively engage with Trade Associations and Non-Profits; they are invaluable for networking.


Whether it is a networking lunch or a sales call, the importance of following up with buyers cannot be overstated. Mr. August not only preaches this principle but also puts it into practice meticulously. He actively engages with everyone he meets to leave a lasting impression. His proactive approach ensures that he is recognized and remembered by those he interacts with.

Understand Customers’ Needs

From his early career in Customer Service, Mr. August learned to be communicative, empathetic, articulate, sensitive, and listen to customers’ wants and needs. He found that these traits gave him the edge to market and sell. He understands the customers’ needs in detail and delivers a more customized approach to satisfy his customers.

Give Your All

When working with clients, Mr. August approaches each project as if it were his own company’s endeavor. His methodology involves immediate and proactive communication with clients; he does not wait. He promptly engages with clients, discusses their feedback, and collaborates to formulate a plan of action. His commitment to continuous communication ensures that all details are attended to effectively.

Everyone is Important

It is common for individuals to naturally gravitate to one person in a group. However, Mr. August believes that when you are approached by a group on the sales floor, it’s important to make an effort to distribute your attention evenly among all members of the audience, especially when there are children with the buyer. Asking simple questions to the children can sometimes provide insights that the buyers themselves may not be willing to share.

Even when approached by buyers whom you believe may not have immediate purchasing intentions, it is crucial to offer them the attention they deserve. They could potentially become advocates for your business and may have connections to others in need of your products or services. Therefore, it is essential never to close off any opportunities. Additionally, these individuals provide an excellent opportunity to practice and refine any new sales techniques you may have been hesitant to try.

In a nutshell, be kind and respectful, not only in your sales interactions but also in your daily lives as we always need one another.

Feel, Felt & Found Technique

Mr. August enthusiastically embraces this sales objection-handling technique when approaching hesitant buyers. Through articulate conversations and questions, he will pick up concerns that may be buried and address them one at a time. By reading the room, and based on the buyer’s characteristics, he skillfully gauges the appropriate degree of assertiveness required to successfully clinch the sale.

Show the buyers you care with genuine empathy. Prioritize tackling major concerns first, which highlights your thorough understanding of their needs. Whenever possible, take notes and proactively ask questions to uncover their preferences, dislikes, and concerns. This helps determine the best ways to assist them in resolving any objections or concerns they may have.

Practice, Practice & Practice

Finally, make practice a routine by role-playing your sales pitch with your team, and remember to also practice with potential buyers you suspect might not be ready to make an immediate purchase.




Heartfelt thanks to S. Robert August for generously sharing his invaluable insights and experiences with us. His expertise has undoubtedly enriched our understanding of the sales profession.

S. Robert August
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North Star Synergies



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