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Robert August Commences Our Business Odyssey Exploration:
Timeless Real Estate Marketing Wisdom



Key Takeaways

  • Do not scale back Marketing & Sales activities during a downturn.
  • Fifth element of marketing: People.
  • Streamline Sales & Marketing Procedures to Enhance Efficiency and Stay Responsive to Market Dynamics for Customer Satisfaction.
  • Importance of leadership engagement in fostering innovation & morale and adapting to market shifts promptly.
  • Significance of business integrity and reputation.



Interview with S. Robert August

North Star Synergies

Denver, Colorado

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S. Robert August is the driving force behind North Star Synergies, a globally recognized consultancy firm specializing in marketing, management, and sales within the real estate construction and development industry. He has graciously agreed to take us on a journey through his remarkable career. In this exclusive interview, he shares profound insights into the ever-evolving world of sales and marketing, offering a unique perspective in the dynamic realm of real estate.

Mr. August’s remarkable 50-year career in construction, with 40 of those years as a visionary entrepreneur, has firmly established him as the go-to marketing expert in the construction field. He credits much of his success to his ever-supportive partner, Penny. Their partnership has been instrumental in navigating the industry’s challenges and achieving substantial accomplishments.

Throughout his impressive career, Mr. August has consistently stood out, garnering a stream of awards, accolades, and acknowledgments from local, national, and global institutions. However, it was his groundbreaking achievement of becoming the youngest recipient of the prestigious National Association of Home Builders award that served as the springboard for his entrepreneurial journey.

With a proficient working knowledge of the Spanish language, he expanded his services to international real estate businesses. He successfully aided businesses across the globe, particularly those in the real estate sector, in refining their sales and marketing strategies. Remarkably, he has propelled companies to achieve up to a 400% increase in their proforma profit (investors’ evaluation of a property’s potential profit). Even amidst tumultuous market conditions and high-interest mortgage rates, Mr. August consistently assisted developers and builders in enhancing their revenues.

Client Engagement

Mr. August’s approach to working with new clients is known for its careful and thorough process. His priority is to gain a profound understanding of the client’s specific wants and needs. This involves open and in-depth communication to grasp the client’s objectives, challenges, and aspirations.

Following this, he delves deeper into the inner workings of the client’s organization. He meticulously studies the operational methods, scrutinizes existing processes, and assesses the roles and dynamics of individuals within the company. This comprehensive understanding enables him to discern patterns and intricacies within the organization.

With this valuable insight, Mr. August becomes adept at identifying underlying problems and inefficiencies that may be hindering the client’s progress. Armed with this knowledge, he then undertakes the development of tailored policies, processes, and procedures that address these challenges head-on. These solutions are designed to optimize efficiency, streamline operations, and foster growth.

Should Mr. August venture into an industry outside of construction, he maintains a similar commitment to excellence. He immerses himself in the industry’s specialized “language” by conducting extensive research. This involves studying industry trends, analyzing market dynamics, and gaining insights into the unique nuances that define that particular sector. This immersion ensures that he approaches new challenges with a well-informed and strategic perspective, regardless of the industry in question.

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Streamlining Processes

He places strong emphasis on the importance of robust processes and their unwavering adherence within the sales and marketing department. This approach serves as the bedrock upon which the company stands attuned to ever-evolving consumer needs. It acts as a safeguard, preventing the erosion of customer satisfaction through any potential gaps. Furthermore, it ensures seamless alignment with established procedures and policies, fostering a cohesive and efficient work environment.

These processes and standard operating procedures (SOP) ensure seamless alignment with established procedures and policies, fostering a cohesive and efficient work environment. This, in turn, translates into smoother workflows, fewer errors, and more streamlined operations. As a result, the sales and marketing team can focus their efforts on driving growth and achieving outstanding results, confident that they are working within a structured and supportive framework.

The Fifth Element of Marketing: People

In the world of marketing’s four core aspects—Price, Place, Product, and Promotion—Mr. August added a fifth element: “People.” He firmly believes that the right individuals are the beating heart of any thriving organization. Therefore, he champions the recruitment of people who possess what he calls “IT.” This is not just about qualifications; it is about having the right attitude, a passion for learning, and an ability to inspire others. They are also enthusiastic and eager to grow. They approach challenges positively, see obstacles as opportunities, and constantly seek ways to improve. Their natural charisma and ability to motivate others become valuable assets in building strong teams and creating a culture of excellence.

This profound emphasis on “People” as the fifth foundational marketing pillar is a powerful reminder. It stresses that marketing is not solely about products, prices, or promotions; it is about the exceptional individuals who collectively drive innovation and success. From visionary leaders shaping strategies to dedicated team members executing plans, these individuals play diverse yet interconnected roles in forging enduring connections, tirelessly contributing their expertise, and guiding organizations toward sustained success.

Thriving in Market Downturns

Another valuable lesson that Mr. August carries with him is the significance of maintaining marketing and sales efforts, even when faced with challenging market downturns—a time when many tend to scale back their marketing activities. Instead of retreating, Mr. August advises seizing this moment as an opportunity to harness cost-effective resources and take advantage of competitors’ hesitance to invest in advertising.

This approach serves two pivotal purposes. First, it acts as a safeguard for your established market position, ensuring that you maintain visibility and continue to engage with your audience, even when economic conditions are unfavorable. Second, and equally important, it positions you to secure a competitive edge. By remaining active in the market when others may have reduced their presence, you can strengthen your brand, capture a larger share of the audience’s attention, and potentially gain market share.

In essence, Mr. August’s lesson underscores the concept of resilience in marketing and sales. Instead of succumbing to external challenges, it encourages businesses to adapt, innovate, and continue their outreach efforts, ultimately positioning them for long-term success, even in the face of adversity.

Effects of Leadership Engagement

Mr. August astutely observes a common oversight prevalent among company leaders—an inconsistency in maintaining engagement with department heads and employees. This lapse in communication and interaction can have far-reaching consequences for an organization.

Innovation Stagnation

When leaders become detached from their teams, they risk missing out on valuable insights and innovative ideas that could propel the company forward. Frontline employees often possess a unique perspective on market trends, customer preferences, and operational efficiencies. Without regular engagement, these valuable contributions might remain unnoticed, leading to a standstill in innovation.

Loss of Employee Morale

Employees who feel disconnected from leadership may experience a decline in morale and motivation. This lack of engagement can result in feelings of disinterest and detachment, potentially manifesting as reduced productivity and increased turnover rates. Conversely, leaders who actively engage with their teams can cultivate a more positive work environment, ultimately boosting morale.

Competitive Disadvantage

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying attuned to market demands is paramount. Failing to engage with department heads and employees can result in a sluggish response to shifting market conditions. Companies that cannot adapt swiftly face the risk of falling behind competitors who are more responsive to market dynamics and customer needs.

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Guiding Wisdom from Formative Years

He draws invaluable lessons from his formative years, echoing the wisdom of his elders in the family business. One of the most important insights that still resonates with him centers around the remarkable principle that when faced with adversity, one thing they cannot take away is your commitment to education and the knowledge you accumulate along the way.

This approach firmly asserts that, irrespective of one’s achievements, the most treasured possession is the wealth of knowledge acquired through a lifelong journey of continuous education and hands-on experience. This invaluable asset becomes an unwavering source of guidance, empowerment, and resilience, serving as a compass to navigate the complexities of life and the ever-changing landscape of business.

Emphasis on Family and Reputation

Mr. August’s steadfast commitment to his principles is exemplified by his unwavering emphasis on two core values: family and reputation. These values are not just personal sentiments but pillars that underpin his approach to all his business endeavors.

His reverence for family goes beyond mere words; it is woven into the fabric of his professional life. He understands that family represents the bedrock of support and strength, and it is a value he extends to his business relationships. Just as family members rely on each other, Mr. August believes that business partners and associates should operate like a close-knit family, fostering trust, cooperation, and mutual respect.

Equally significant is his unwavering commitment to reputation. To Mr. August, a sterling reputation is not a mere asset; it’s the most valuable currency in the business world. He recognizes that a positive reputation is hard-earned but easily tarnished. Therefore, he tirelessly advocates for the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and accountability in all business dealings. His mantra is that a good name, once established, becomes a beacon of trust that attracts clients, partners, and opportunities.

These principles, centered on family and reputation, serve as Mr. August’s guiding light in the ever-evolving business landscape. They are not just words but the foundation upon which he builds his professional journey. By upholding these values, he ensures a steady and principled course through the often turbulent waters of the business world. For Mr. August, it’s not just about success; it’s about achieving success with integrity, and these principles remain as unwavering constants in his remarkable career.


Mr. August’s illustrious career emphasizes the critical importance of ongoing procedure documentation, a steadfast commitment to standard operating procedures in sales and marketing, and the nurturing of a culture rooted in oversight and accountability. His extensive experience offers a universal blueprint for success that extends far beyond the construction industry.

This in-depth exploration of Mr. August’s journey and wisdom serves as a profound source of knowledge for professionals and businesses in real estate construction, marketing, and diverse sectors. Whether you aim to excel in marketing endeavors or lead your organization with unwavering integrity, Mr. August’s experiences illuminate enduring principles such as resilience, the value of family, the importance of reputation, and the profound impact of individuals in every successful venture.

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Robert August

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