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S. Robert August Commences Our Business Odyssey Exploration:
Timeless Real Estate Marketing Wisdom



Key Takeaways

  • Do not scale back Marketing & Sales activities during a downturn.
  • Fifth element of marketing: People.
  • Streamline Sales & Marketing Procedures to Enhance Efficiency and Stay Responsive to Market Dynamics for Customer Satisfaction.
  • Importance of leadership engagement in fostering innovation & morale and adapting to market shifts promptly.
  • Significance of business integrity and reputation.



S. Robert August

North Star Synergies, Denver

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S. Robert August, the driving force behind North Star Synergies, a globally recognized consultancy firm specializing in marketing, management, and sales within the real estate construction and development industry, has graciously shared the insights garnered from his remarkable 50-year career. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the profound lessons and principles that have guided his path to success, transcending the boundaries of industry.

Client-Centric Approach

At the core of Mr. August’s illustrious career is a steadfast commitment to understanding clients on a profound level. His approach involves open and in-depth communication, ensuring a deep grasp of clients’ objectives, challenges, and aspirations. Armed with this understanding, he identifies and addresses underlying problems efficiently, offering tailored solutions for growth.

Industry Versatility: The Power of Knowledge

One striking aspect of Mr. August’s journey is his willingness to embrace new industries. His method involves thorough research, studying trends, analyzing market dynamics, and gaining insights into unique nuances. This immersion ensures a well-informed and strategic approach to new challenges, regardless of the sector. The message here is clear: industry knowledge is paramount.

Streamlining Processes

Mr. August places a strong emphasis on the importance of well-defined processes and their consistent implementation within the sales and marketing department. These processes serve as the foundation upon which the company aligns itself with evolving consumer needs while ensuring that customer satisfaction remains intact. Moreover, they guarantee seamless adherence to established procedures and policies, creating a cohesive and efficient work environment.

By adhering to these structured processes and standard operating procedures (SOP), the company achieves smoother workflows, reduces errors, and operates with greater efficiency. This allows the sales and marketing team to focus their efforts on driving growth and delivering outstanding results, all within a well-structured and supportive framework.

The Fifth Element of Marketing: People

In a world defined by the four core aspects of marketing—Price, Place, Product, and Promotion—Mr. August introduces a fifth element: “People.” He champions the recruitment of individuals with the right attitude, a passion for learning, and a focus on growth. Their ability to inspire and motivate others becomes a cornerstone for building strong teams and fostering a culture of excellence. This emphasis on “People” reminds us that marketing is ultimately about the exceptional individuals driving innovation and success.

Thriving in Market Downturns

During challenging market downturns, Mr. August’s advice stands out: don’t scale back marketing efforts; seize the moment. By maintaining a visible presence and investing when others hesitate, businesses can safeguard their market position and potentially gain an edge. Resilience is the key, and this lesson emphasizes the importance of adaptability and innovation.

Leadership Engagement: A Vital Link

Mr. August keenly identifies a common leadership pitfall – inconsistency in engaging with department heads and employees, which carries significant consequences for organizations. This oversight can lead to innovation stagnation, as leaders detached from their teams miss out on valuable insights and ideas. Frontline employees often possess unique market perspectives, and disengagement can hinder innovation. Additionally, disconnection diminishes employee morale, potentially causing reduced productivity and increased turnover. Furthermore, in today’s dynamic business landscape, failure to engage results in slower adaptation to market shifts, posing a competitive disadvantage compared to more responsive competitors.

Lifelong Learning: The True Wealth

Drawing from his formative years, Mr. August highlights the enduring value of education and knowledge accumulation. Lifelong learning and hands-on experience are prized possessions, serving as unwavering sources of guidance, empowerment, and resilience. These assets navigate the complexities of life and business.

Family and Reputation: Guiding Principles

Two core values shape Mr. August’s journey: family and reputation. He extends the concept of family support to his business relationships, fostering trust and cooperation. His unwavering commitment to reputation underscores the idea that integrity is the most valuable currency in the business world. A good name, once established, becomes a beacon of trust.

In conclusion, S. Robert August’s career provides a universal blueprint for success, transcending industries. His lessons in client engagement, industry knowledge, valuing people, resilience, leadership engagement, lifelong learning, ethical principles, and robust processes offer invaluable guidance for professionals and businesses seeking integrity-driven success in a rapidly changing business world.

This is an abridged version. Read Full Article.


S. Robert August

Robert August Creative Real Estate Marketing Specialist Denver

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