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Part 1: Navigating Franchising with a Dual-Role Professional: Franchise Broker & Franchisee

Written by YeeLing Lee | Operational Efficiency Specialist & Founder of BNP



Key Takeaways

  • Cindy’s franchisee experience provides unique insights as a franchise broker.
  • Strong CRM tools and targeted emails drive lead generation
  • Active content creation and community engagement amplify franchise visibility.
  • SOPs, support systems, and empathetic leadership enhance operational efficiency.
  • Assertive business ownership ensures decisive and impactful decisions.



Interview with Cindy Rayfield

Franchise Matchmakers

Denver, Colorado

Franchise Broker, Cindy Rayfield

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In this two-part series, we unravel the layers of Cindy Rayfield’s remarkable journey, expertise and experience in the dynamic world of franchising. This initial installment delves into her venture as a Franchise Broker as well as a Franchise Owner (Franchisee) of multiple franchises.

Cindy Rayfield is one of the members of Franchise Matchmakers, a franchise consultancy firm. She is synonymous with the franchise industry. She captures your interest with thought-provoking articles, urging you to consider aspects such as your financial stability during retirement. Her expertise and insights not only make franchising intriguing but also offer a practical path to secure your financial future.

Franchise Beginnings

Cindy started her franchising journey 15 years ago during a break from her corporate job to focus on her family. Attracted by a marketing job advertisement from a franchise broker, she delved into franchising, absorbing a wealth of knowledge. Fueled by her entrepreneurial spirit, it did not take her long to transition into the role of a franchise broker herself and invest in multiple successful franchises.

Identifying a Market Need

Cindy’s corporate background and her experience as a stay-at-home mom uniquely positioned her to understand the needs of individuals in similar situations. Recognizing a growing demand from those in corporate and military sectors seeking to retire or spend more time with family, she found an opportunity to bridge the gap between corporate expertise and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Walking the Walk: Franchisee Experience Enriches Consulting

During her role as a franchise broker, Cindy made significant investments by purchasing three distinct franchises. These included a magazine publication franchise, a children’s hair-cutting franchise, and a franchise specializing in automated retail through vending machines. The hands-on experience as a franchisee adds a unique and insightful dimension to her consulting services.

Community-Focused Marketing Strategies

Cindy’s dedication to community-focused marketing extends to her franchises, with a notable example being Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids, a children’s hair-cutting franchise. She actively engages in targeted local social marketing for this business, emphasizing its local presence and contribution to the community. This strategic approach not only helps in brand promotion but also reinforces the idea that franchises are integral parts of the community.

This strategy has proven remarkably effective, especially amid the challenges of the Covid era. Cindy heavily invested in marketing to her community during this difficult period, fostering trust and confidence among her clients.

Active Community Engagement for Enhanced Lead Generation

Within her franchise consultancy, driven by a strong belief that a higher number of leads significantly enhances business success, Cindy proactively connects with her community through networking events, online classes, and impactful speaking engagements. This active engagement not only drives business growth but also paves the way for sustainable success.

Franchise Business Broker, Cindy Rayfield, is also the proud franchise owner of Cookie Cutters.

Strategic Lead Management with CRM

Harnessing the capabilities of robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Cindy adopts a systematic and targeted approach to lead management. Allowing her to streamline communication, track interactions, and tailor her outreach for optimal results.

Through thoughtful and strategic communication, she utilizes CRM to reach out to inactive leads. This re-engagement not only expands her reach but also revives potentially valuable connections.

Constant Engagement with Leads

Central to Cindy’s lead generation strategy is targeted emails, each meticulously crafted to resonate with recipients by offering valuable insights and fostering a sense of connection. Complemented by grassroots marketing, this approach adds a personal touch, creating a robust bond between Cindy and her community.

Expanding Influence with Engaging Content

Maintaining a dynamic presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn has firmly established Cindy as a prominent figure in the franchising landscape. Through the creation of compelling content that encourages individuals to explore franchising post-retirement and sharing a wealth of information through videos, she has successfully cultivated a sense of community among her prospects.

Strategically Cultivating the Market

When Cindy identifies a franchise model she wholeheartedly believes in, she tailors her marketing to suit it. She focuses on specific locations and demographics that match the franchise, ensuring a targeted and effective outreach.

This customized approach includes acquiring specific leads and using her network to create a focused marketing strategy. In doing so, Cindy not only grows the market for the chosen franchise but also boosts the impact and effectiveness of her consultancy.

Elevating Operational Efficiency through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Cindy ardently supports the implementation of SOPs to enhance operational efficiency. These can range from a simple set of steps for troubleshooting internet issues to complementing the established SOPs in her franchise businesses, addressing her unique operational requirements.

Cindy extends this commitment to her clients, using SOPs to maintain a smooth flow of information. By consistently sharing articles and videos, she ensures her clients receive a steady stream of valuable insights, preventing any details she may have overlooked during her discussions. Hence, enhancing communication, and contributing to a more informed and connected client experience.

Building a Robust Support Ecosystem

Even though Cindy manages her franchise consultancy independently, she effortlessly delegates tasks to independent contractors or virtual assistants by using her established SOPs. These procedural guidelines make the delegation process seamless, ensuring an organized workflow.

Moreover, Cindy benefits from a supportive network of fellow business owners in the industry. This collective strength not only enhances her operational capabilities but also showcases the collaborative spirit in the dynamic franchising community.

Empathetic Yet Decisive, Brave, and Assertive Management

In managing her children’s hair-cutting franchise, Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids, Cindy adopts an empathetic leadership approach. Instead of superficial interactions, she invests time in getting to know her team members on a deeper level. This commitment stems from her desire to cultivate a work environment where each individual feels valued, understood, and supported.

Central to Cindy’s management ethos is the firm belief in not retaining employees who contribute negatively to the work environment. She places a premium on cultivating a workplace that is free from toxicity, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy and positive atmosphere.

She is guided by a resilient mindset encapsulated in her mantra: “I own this business, I get to make the decisions, I decide the best way to run the business, I give myself permission to be strong.” This mindset has been instrumental in her journey, believing each hiring and firing decision contributes to her personal growth and enhances the overall success of her business.

In her pursuit of effective management, Cindy embraces bravery and assertiveness. She highlights the significance of taking a stand when needed, cultivating a culture of accountability, and ensuring that the business operates with clarity and purpose.

Cindy, a Franchise Business Consultant, at a Franchise Conference Panel discussion

Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges by Learning from Mistakes

In embarking on a business or franchise venture, Cindy emphasizes the need for decisiveness. Without it, initiating any business endeavor becomes challenging. Embrace the inevitability of mistakes and be prepared to step beyond your comfort zone.

Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, errors are unavoidable, accompanied by moments of self-doubt. The crucial aspect is summoning the courage to confront challenges, rolling up your sleeves, and persisting in the work. Learn from errors and keep moving forward.

When establishing a business, Cindy recommends adopting the mindset of preparing it for sale tomorrow. This approach involves constant consideration of the best ways to run the company, making it attractive and easily marketable, even if you have no desire to sell.


From her unique journey as a franchisee to a visionary broker, Cindy’s strategic insights and community-focused strategies set her apart. Her commitment to precise market cultivation, operational efficiency, and empathetic leadership highlights a comprehensive strategy that equips entrepreneurs with the tools and guidance needed to navigate their path to success with confidence and resilience.

Read Cindy’s artful approach to Matching the perfect Franchise for her clients. Read Part 2: Navigating the Franchise Landscape – Strategies for Success.


Cindy Rayfield

Franchise Matchmakers

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